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Why I want to #saveSelfie

Hello, how are youuuu?

My name is Ruth and I currently reside in Taiwan. I have been through a very dark and tumultuous period in my life. The details I will not mention, in case anybody thinks it is TMI. That part isn’t important right now. What is important is that I found this show called Selfie and when I found it, the cancellation had already occurred! #thestruggleisreal. I was already in therapy at this point, but I found with every episode I started to change. I was no longer scared of life or what other people thought of me or concerned that my parents divorced in high school. I was the nerdy, quiet, shy, transfer student in high school and the receiver of much racial discrimination in middle school (these happened in different countries). All of that baggage, plus other things that really are TMI, made me very passive aggressive and repressed. Watching how Eliza changed and grew with Henry really reversed a lot of that pain I felt. Being small in stature, it was even worse I felt little all the time.

Back to the show, since that is what we are trying to save. Everyone wants to talk about themselves, but actually Eliza uses that as both a defense mechanism and a way to deflect her pain. She goes on social media and loves being Instafamous, but in reality she is just like all of us who enjoy the show. For me I use my humor to hide or deflect my pain. I don’t consider myself particularly witty or anything. I just joke around a lot. To take things seriously as Henry does means confronting realities I am still working through. Time for a real confession though, I had this show on one of my four or five lists of movies and shows to watch, for a really longass time. I finally nutted up and watched and fell down another rabbit hole. I became lighter and happy for the first time in a long time. I began spreading positivity to others. The rest is Heliza history.

Now on to why I am participating so passionately and why I believe this campaign will work. The obvious reason is it saved my life, literally. I was going end it all last summer. This show has a special magic using humor and laughter to teach you that what others think about yourself is never the real truth about yourself. Your truth is your own and no one can ever change that about you. We all have a special person deep inside of us who want to change things but are afraid. They have been told they are worth less, not as beautiful, not as good as others. I found mine and she wants to keep kicking ass for the #saveselfie movement until we get our 20 seasons!


You can call me J. That’s it. No voice, no face, no place, no name. Just words… and heart, because that’s all I have to offer anyone. I want to #saveSelfie because Selfie saved me. The show, those who made it, and my fellow fans all saved my life. My entire life has been abuse, pain, illness, and hardship. I’ve faced things you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. I came across Selfie because I loved those who made it, but ended up having my life changed because of it. I won’t say goodbye, because this isn’t just a show. It’s so much more! I am part of a family and am not alone anymore. I’ve met people I talk with daily, and people I love more than anything. “Selfie” is a perfect title because I see my life in Eliza’s (and Henry’s, too). I see my life flashing before me on the screen. I connect with her story so much and realize what she’s gone through. It also gives me glimpses into things of what cannot and will not be for me: I get to see Eliza find love, happiness, and success even if I have fought and failed. No other show has ever been so powerful to me. I never go into anything looking for a connection, but Selfie found me and saved me. I will forever be grateful to all those who came into my life. I’ve always lived my life by doing anything I can to help and love others. I live to and love to help others, inspire others, spread love, and just do anything I can to make people happy or make their lives easier for even just one moment. Every day is a larger struggle than the day before, but I’m still here, and Selfie and the #saveSelfie movement are a huge part of that. As the song in the season finale said, “I’m never giving up.” I dread phone calls, but I call all the time to convince others to #saveSelfie . I’ve spent countless paychecks, countless days of my life fighting for those I love dearly. Countless e-mails, chat sessions, tweets, you name it. I regret nothing. I would do it all again for Selfie and all of you. My time is short, and my legacy will be that I was but one of many who helped to #saveSelfie . I can’t think of anything more wonderful than that. We will #saveSelfie . I can see it. It’s only a matter of when, not if. #saveSelfie #SelfieSeason2 #NoFear